Red Rose Archers

Field Archery Club (Northampton)

A member of the English Field Archery Association

Club News

Course Opening Times

From March 2019, the lease agreement with our new landlord limits access into the wood.

Tuesday - Closed all day

For the rest of the week, the following times apply:-
Month Open Close Hours
January 09:00 17:00 8:00
February 09:00 17:00 8:00
March 09:00 17:00 8:00
April 07:00 20:00 13:00
May 07:00 20:00 13:00
June 07:00 20:00 13:00
July 07:00 20:00 13:00
August 07:00 18:00 11:00
September 07:00 18:00 11:00
October 09:00 15:30 6:30
November 09:00 15:30 6:30
December 09:00 15:30 6:30

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Club Shoot

Club Shoot

The date of the next club shoot will be published when social distancing restrictions are relaxed.

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The History of Red Rose Archers

How it all began:
Back in early 1982, a group of like-minded persons got together to discuss the setting up of Northampton's first field archery club. Peter Bond and Peter Hartwell had already done some ground work and found us Coneygree Plantation, which the landowner was prepared to let us have the use of. We walked the wood, looking at possible lanes, (when we could see over the waist high nettles!) and started clearing. what a job that was! We used sickles, home made sythes, swords - yes swords, staffs, spades garden forks, hedge slashers and billhooks, and probably other things that I've forgotten. What a pity we never thought to hire petrol driven strimmers, it would have made life so much easier in the first few months. We bought our first lot of straw bales in January 1983, put them out, panicked a lot, and finally held our first open shoot in February 1983 (we collected £17.66p)

Some memorable dates:
15.06.83 First ever have-a-go stall (at Misterton Hall)
10.07.83 First ever have-a-go stall at Castle Ashby
01.08.83 Timber purchased to build hut (it's still in use)
18.12.83 First time we sold food at shoot
19.02.84 First ever Rose Bowl Trophy shoot
21.09.84 First ever Halloween Challenge Shield
21.04.85 First ever Founder Members Trophy shoot
14.06.85 First time we thought to hire a petrol strimmer !
24.05.86 Caravan purchased
July 1986 UK Championships held at Coneygree Plantation
06.07.88 First time we bought training equipment
25.06.89 First have-a-go stall at Holdenby House
10.05.91 First beginners course recorded
14.12.91 First time we gave out sherry & mince pies at Christmas
November 1999 First ever Life Member created

Joe Joyce
Founder Member, Honorary Life Member

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